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Project Description
This is Systems.Diagnostics source code extracted from Mono so that people on any platform (Windows, too!) can extend more of the tracing framework.

What is this library?
Ever want to extend a part of System.Diagnostics, say TraceSource or Switch and find extension points missing? Well, this library provides extension points by re-packaging the relevant parts of Mono. Now we can subclass and override or just rewrite any part we would like to.

Done Features
Extract Systems.Diagnostics from Mono. (Works except for XML config)

TODO Features
Integration with Ukadc and Essential Diagnostics (started)
Change all code to use a better Source and Switch base class with extension points. (Started)
Make as much as possible virtual, remove sealed classes.
Add interfaces and abstract base classes
A fluent API for defining trace profiles that can be activated or deactivated with appSettings or .ini or other lightweight config.

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